Race tegen de klok Nu de internationale gemeenschap is vertrokken uit het land, zijn alleen hulporganisaties als UNICEF zijn nog ter plaatste om te helpen. En die hulp is hard nodig. Voor 23 miljoen mensen dreigt acute honger. De helft van de Afghaanse kinderen onder de vijf jaar loopt risico op ondervoeding. Als er geen actie wordt ondernemen zullen naar schatting dit jaar nog minstens 1 miljoen kinderen door de honger overlijden. Het is een race tegen de klok.

A humanitarian disaster of unprecedented proportions is taking place in Afghanistan: 23 million people are heading towards a devastating famine. Half of the children under 5 years old are currently suffering from malnutrition.

Since the international community has left Afghanistan, humanitarian organisations such as UNICEF are the only ones left to provide aid on-site, which is crucial at the moment. If we do nothing, more than a million children risk dying due to hunger.

United against starvation
“Heart for Afghanistan” (Hart voor Afghanistan in Dutch) is a citizen’s initiative of which the proceeds go directly to UNICEF. Do you want to support the Afghan population? Do you want to make sure that malnourished children get all the help they deserve? Join us!

You can make a difference. Take action, donate and save a child’s life. Donate directly or start your own campaign to raise money.

Inquiries and Media

Suleyman Aslami for media and inquiries through info@hartvoorafghanistan.nl


Donation by bank transfer
Use the information below to do a donation by bank transfer.

  • Vendor name
    UNICEF Nederland
  • Vendor address
    Bezuidenhoutseweg 74, 2594 AW Den Haag
  • Bank details (IBAN)
    NL86 INGB 0000 0001 21 , please don’t forget to mention ‘Heart for Afghanistan’ in your description when you transfer your donation.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: info@hartvoorafghanistan.nl


What help does UNICEF provide? 

UNICEF has been active in Afghanistan for 65 years and is still providing aid where it is needed most. With more than 250 mobile healtcare- and nutritionteams UNICEF offers life saving aid to children and mothers in all regions of Afghanistan, including those areas that are difficult to reach. For malnourished children UNICEF provides ready-to-eat therapeutic meals, with which the children can reach a healthy weight. For 45 euro’s you can facilitate such a meal. Will you help the children of Afghanistan survive the coming winter?

The situation in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is the most dangerous country in the world to grow up. After the departure of the international community this situation has only gotten worse. Now the country is heading towards a devastating famine. With winter fast approaching, it is a race against the clock to save human lives.

Children pay the highest price
During a famine children are extra vulnerable. They run a higher risk of death by starvation and risk enduring severe damage due to malnourishment. Parents are forced to do the unthinkable to keep their families alive: to sell their children or marry off their daughters to significantly older husbands.

Young boys are sometimes sent to travel alone in life endangering attempts to reach Europe or are recruited as a child soldier. In situations of extreme poverty, famine and violence, children always pay the highest toll.

Your donation makes a difference.

With your donation we can do everything in our power to help children survive and we can protect them from exploitation, abuse and violence.

In the short term, we hope to be able to help as many children and families to get through the approaching winter. However, Afghanistan will need our support more than ever in the years to come.

Would you like donate by creditcard? Contact us by sending an email to: info@hartvoorafghanistan.nl.


Questions about Hart voor Afghanistan

“Hart voor Afghanistan is a civilian initiative. As citizens of the world, we can barely believe that in 2021 people are still dying of starvation. That is why we want to help the Afghan people, from one human being to another. Everyone that wants to help the Afghan population is welcome to help and join Heart for Afghanistan.

We are committed to creating awareness around the suffering of the Afghan people and hope this will inspire people to structurally support Afghanistan.

Through donations and  fundraisings for UNICEF we want to help as many children and families as possible to get through the winter, by providing treatment for malnourishment and mobile healthcare stations.

The Afghan population, especially the boys and girls of Afghanistan, need your help now more than ever. 10 million children need acute humanitarian aid, 3.2 million children are suffering from malnourishment and if we do nothing, 1 million risk death by starvation.

You can donate and/or start your own campaign. You can make a donation by clicking the donate button. You can find out how to start your own campaign by visiting the UNICEF Help Out page.

You can start your own campaign by clicking the action button on the UNICEF website. Log in with your facebookpage or emailadress and start your own campaign.

You can bake cupcakes, throw a fundraising diner, run half a marathon or organize a walk. Let your creativity run free!

You can donate money though the donate button or by bank transfer indicating ‘Hart voor Afghanistan”

The only way to help Afghans right now is through organisations that are currently still active in Afghanistan. UNICEF is one of the few organisations that is currently actively providing aid in Afghanistan.
We support UNICEF’s goals, because it is an organisation that stands for the rights of children throughout the world.

Yes, UNICEF has been active in Afghanistan for over 65 years and is currently active in every region of the country to provide the aid that is urgently needed right now. They have an extensive network in the country and also have 250 mobile health clinics, allowing them to reach even the most remote areas. These mobile clinics offer lifesaving healthcare. Treatments for malnourishment, vaccinations against child diseases such as measles and polio; pregnancy care and psychosocial care.

With the proceeds of this campaign UNICEF will help as many children as possible through therapeutic treatments against malnourishment and setting up mobile health clinics. Through the treatment, they are able to relieve acute symptoms of malnourishment and offer a child aftercare. A malnourishment treatment will cost 45 euro (around 51 USD).

Lifesaving support for children and mothers in difficult to reach places. A full treatment of one severely malnourished child consists of ready-to-eat therapeutic meals, such as biscuits, milk, plumpynut, as well as micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, that helps the child to reach a healthy weight. For 45 euro u can help make such treatments possible.

For 5,000 euros (around 5660 USD), UNICEF can deploy a mobile health team for a month to provide Afghans with basic health care, which costs 60,000 euros (around 67750 USD) per year. UNICEF provides medical care against malnutrition; vaccinations against childhood diseases such as measles and polio; pregnancy counseling and psychosocial help.

The children in Afghanistan urgently need help. That is why UNICEF calls on all parties to the conflict to provide aid organizations safe and unimpeded access. UNICEF is a neutral organisation. They do not take sides, but do everything they can to help children. In order to do this it is necessary to negotiate with the Taliban about access to areas and continuing to provide aid.

Unfortunately, due to closed borders and the difficult access areas, it is currently not possible to send items to Afghanistan and have them end up in the right places. At the moment we can only help through the heroes of the organizations that are already there. That is why we ask you to make a donation through UNICEF